About No-Face

I love anime. Love it. If grown-up literature and film is an expensive steak-tartar-in-field-greens dinner, then anime is the bananas foster that all the adults are skipping when dessert is offered. I am here to tell you: order the bananas foster. It is the best fucking part of the meal, and it will teach you how to better enjoy your tartar.

Visual and community storytelling are the hobby horses I’m probably going to ride into the grave, so I also love to talk about gaming, cosplay, and American comics. I cut my geek teeth on Batman, Daredevil, and D and D, and started cosplaying with my sister about 3 years ago.

These blogs are all drafts, in various states as far as the development of their ideas, so I would love to hear your comments on anything posted here. Please join me in my fangirling.

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