A Sweet Maid is Sweeter with a Deadly Weapon

In the last year, I’ve seen three new anime that have gotten me all lit up, and one of those is Re:Zero. It got plenty of other people lit up too, and I’ve seen about a million cosplays of Rem, the character lauded as the show’s “best girl.” BUT what I have not seen a lot of is Rem with her flail. Because a sweet maid is sweeter with a deadly weapon, I thought I’d post a tutorial for Rem’s flail. It’s my first tutorial so bear with me.

You’ll need:

a styrofoam ball and five styrofoam cones from the craft store

a piece of plastic chain (the length is up to you–I got mine off Amazon. Pictures below!)

a 3/4 in dowel

black and rose gold acrylic paint

black spray paint

a screw eye

a drill (though you could probably fight through using a hammer and nail instead)

a handsaw

hot glue and glue gun

mod podge and (if you want) clear plasti-dip

  1. So you have your styrofoam ball right? Mark it so that on one side you have a spot for the chain to attach, and directly on the other side mark the “top” spike. Or be like me and just make a bunch of random ass circles without planning at allIMG_5463
  2. arrange the spikes as shown and glue them on with hot glue. Yeah, it melts the styrofoam a little. It’ll be fiiiiiineIMG_5473
  3. seal it with mod  podge. You can do stuff to make the ball smooth if you want, like use a BUNCH of mod podge or cover it in craft foam, but I personally thought the texture wasn’t a big deal, so I just sealed and painted and moved on.
  4. paint the ball with black acrylic and the spikes with the rose gold acrylic. Get help from a six year old if possible.IMG_5475
  5. I drew on the design with a white crayon first, then went over it with the paint. to do this, I put a glass that was about the size of the circles I wanted over the spikes and traced them. Using the positioning of the circles as a guide I free-handed the clover shape, and just prayed it wouldn’t suck.IMG_5491
  6. drill a hole in the center of the dowel and screw in the eye screw. your goat chain has one end that opens and you can use that to attach it to the eye screwIMG_5490IMG_5497
  7. Spray paint the chain and dowel black.
  8. attaching the other end to the ball is a little tricky. I used jewelry wire, made a loop, and then jammed the long part of the jewelry wire into the ball. Then I sealed the hole over with hot glue. Is this the best way to do this? Probably not. But again. It’s fiiiine.
  9. Put masking tape on the handle to paint the rose gold lines. This worked… ok. I had to touch it up a bit after the factIMG_5509
  10. Finally, I sealed mine with with clear Plasti-dip, but you can seal it with mod podge too. The plasti dip was just fastest and I had it on handIMG_5698 IMG_5699 IMG_5700

And, that’s it! You are a sweet maid, best girl, lovely Rem-rin, but you are also scary as fuck, and isn’t that the Rem we love?

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